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The Raviolina was a dream, and like all dreams, was immediate ... We hovered in the head for some time a cozy place, we had the best location, and we just had to impregnate an essence ... Italian. After several months of journey, traveling from here to there, watching, eating, tasting and especially, collecting ideas, the dream was taking shape ...

Wanted it to be white, bright, warm and that could take a good coffee, great coffee, and also our unique pastries out in the area, and of course, our pizzas and our pasta were unique.

And let us not forget ... Our ice cream, we also wanted to be a very good ice cream, so yes! Our ice cream flavors thousand and one, would craft, and would bring the best raw material. We were determined, The Raviolina was getting closer ...

And we had only to color, sheet metal, paint and many months of work. But finally we can say that a corner of Italy has moved to the heart of the old part of San Sebastian. Now we just hope you enjoy it, and that our Raviolina fill all your expectations! Buon Appetito !!


The Raviolina offers pizzas made with handmade dough and fresh and natural ingredients. Therefore we can be proud to serve the best pizza in San Sebastián. And podráss enjoy a multitude of spices in a thin and delicate dough.
We do not use animal fat mass in our recipes. Only elaborate from sourdough, the more traditional Italian style, which makes our pizza is light and easily digestible.


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Ice cream made of traditional craft that can benefit within the Raviolina or strolling through the old part of San Sebastian. Ice cream of all flavors both waffle cones and tub.